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Brown Feather Sparrow / 2008-08-30


‘Brave’ is a series of portraits of people who, all in their own way, are at the brink of making a very brave decision. Every song captures the listener inside a snapshot; before you know it, you are no longer an indifferent bystander, but a spectator, encouraging, carrying, cheering and reassuring. Although the songs are real pop songs, the arrangements of choir, strings and trumpets give the music an almost filmic appearance. The sound on ‘Brave’ is bigger and more intense than that of the former albums, and tells the stories in a way that makes you believe that they really matter. And why not? All courage is worthy of praise and that makes Brave a beautiful album.


1. take the plunge
2. someone quite as colorful
3. she writes her name
4. brick
5. there is no greater joy
6. brave
7. apple song
8. rest my case
9. your old age
10. throw the weight into the water
11. reprise
12. the ballad of Tim&Judy





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