My World

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Bryn Christopher / 2008-09-09


2008 debut album that sounds like the work of an assured, confident, old-school Soul man trapped in the body of a new kid on the Pop block itching to make his mark. Ask him about his own songs, and he'll talk to you about addiction, undervaluing yourself, the Iraq war and writing lyrics on his mobile phone. If you want soul-steeped authenticity in 21st century togs, Bryn Christopher's your man. Bryn hit the scene earlier this year with the sensational single `The Quest' which recently featured on the closing scenes of `Grey's Anatomy' season 4 finale which has created a buzz for the kid from the midlands. The talented 22 year-old has already supported Amy Winehouse and Mary J. Blige and more recently played his own storming set at Glastonbury and The o2 Wireless festival. 11 tracks. Polydor.

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Help Me


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