Acid Tongue

7.8 338人评价

Jenny Lewis / 流行 / 2008-09-23


Femme fatale Jenny Lewis has never sounded so passionate and her songs never so hard-hitting and acerbic as on her aptly titled solo disk, Acid Tongue. The album follows 2006's Rabbit Fur Coat (which Spin named among the best albums of that year) and a series of acclaimed albums with indie rock fave Rilo Kiley. Featuring collaborations with A Band Called She & Him and guest appearances by Elvis Costello and Chris Robinson of The Black Crowes, Acid Tongue proves to be wicked good.

Acid Tongue的曲目列表

1 Black Sand
2 Pretty Bird
3 Next Messiah, The
4 Bad Man's World
5 Acid Tongue
6 See Fernando
7 Godspeed
8 Carpetbaggers
9 Trying My Best To Love You
10 Jack Killed Mom
11 Sing a Song For Them

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