Eugene Mcguinness

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Eugene McGuinness / 2008-10-13


After The Early Learnings Of - a mini album of 8 songs - was released to great critical acclaim last year on Dominos Publishing Label Double Six, Eugene headed to the studio to make his first full album proper for Domino. The result is twelve utterly charming pop tracks, which skip between boundaries with gleeful abandon and an acidic sense of humour.
From the post-punk sturm and drang of Fonz to the skiffle-beat pop confections of Rings Around Rosa to the disarmingly beautiful 30s-style balladeering of Those Black And White Movies, the album veers from unabashed, starry-eyed romance to pre-coital forked-tongue come-ons via a sound thats simultaneously cinematic and yet endearingly ramshackle.
Eugene McGuinness* album contains knowing winks and phrases drawn from personal experience, but mostly made up scenarios full of joyous verve and unpredictability. It is a collection of songs gloriously out of time yet thoroughly modern, with one foot in reality and the other somewhere else entirely, where every silver lining has a cloud and one unexpected turn of
phrase can lead you down a new musical rabbit hole.

Eugene Mcguinness的曲目列表

01. Rings Around Rosa
02. Fonz
03. Wendy Wonders
04. Moscow State Circus
05. Those Old Black And White Movies Were True
06. Nightshift
07. Atlas
08. Knock Down Ginger
09. Crown The Clown
10. Not So Academic
11. Disneyfied
12. God In Space

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