The J-Plane

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Juniper / 1994


Title: The J-Plane (1994)
Format: Cassette
Copyright: Juniper
Recorded at Barn recording studio March 1994.
Five or six track EP. Tracks possibly included 'Full Moon' and 'Strong'.
Juniper formed in 1991 when Damien Rice, Brian Crosby, Paul Noonan and Dominic Phillips were still in school in Celbridge, Co. Kildare. They kept the band together while in college, playing weddings, 21st birthday parties and the like. They soon hooked up with Dave Geraghty, who opens their eyes to a whole new range of music.
Juniper were a rock band from County Kildare, Ireland, most widely-known today as a precursor to Damien Rice and Bell X1. The band released two EPs, The J-Plane (1994) and Manna (1996) and appeared on a compilation album, Natural Born Elvis (1998)
Juniper 是Damien Rice 在 1991年组的一个团,前后发行了三张 EP,"The World Is Dead" 和 "Weathermen" 这两首单曲也成为电台热门歌曲,但因为合约问题无法录制完整的专辑

The J-Plane的曲目列表

01/Full Moon /(4:52)
02/Rusted Sparkle /(4:49)
03/Indeterminate /(4:10)
04/Not Quite Divine /(3:07)
05/Enough /(3:48)

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