Climbing To New Lows

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The Management / 2005


Climbing to New Lows is the first album release from MGMT, at the time known as The Management. It was their last release as The Management before changing their name to MGMT and signing on with Cantora Records to release the Time to Pretend EP in the same year.

Climbing To New Lows的曲目列表

1. "Intro (Christmas From Space)" 0:33
2. "We Care" 5:02
3. "Money to Burn" 3:24
4. "Hot Love Drama" 4:10
5. "The Kids Quartet" 1:21
6. "Kids (Afterschool Dance Megamix)" 6:07
7. "Honey Bunny" 4:21
8. "Greyhoundredux" 4:34
9. "Grutu" 3:31
10. "We Don't Care" 3:57

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