Seth Nehil // Jgrzinich - Gyre


Seth Nehil // Jgrzinich / 2006


Track 1 sources recorded at Bard studios, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY, summer 2005 by SN.
Material for tracks 2 & 3 recorded in Mooste, Estonia autumn 2005 by SN/JG.
Additional material for track 2 recorded in Saaropera, Estonia by JG (with mnortham and Koz).
First mix of Gyre presented as four-channel sound piece for Correnti Sonore 05, Tarcento Italy.
Mixed and remixed in Finland, Italy and Estonia by John Grzinich and Seth Nehil.
Track 3 is titled "Furl" on the release's notes and label's website but "Glaze" on the tracklisting.

Seth Nehil // Jgrzinich - Gyre的曲目列表

1 Cast (17:20)
2 Weald (14:13)
3 Glaze (9:59)


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