The Lilac Time

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Pelle Carlberg / 2008-08-27


In Jaunary 2008 Pelle Carlbergs plays his last gig of the In a nutshell-tour in Kuala Lumpur and returns to Sweden to write songs for his third solo album. He buys an abandoned church in a desolated area of the island of Gotland and spends six weeks there. I had to leave Stockholm to make this album. In the middle of nowhere it's easy to write in soulful and relaxed. (Pelle Carlberg) 'The difficult third album' has rarely seemed more natural and free from pressure.

The Lilac Time的曲目列表

01 1983 (Pelle & Sebastian) 3:53
02 Nicknames (Feat. Karolina Komstedt Of Club 8) 3:44
03 Whisper 2:50
04 Animal Lovers 3:26
05 Metal To Metal 3:24
06 Because I'm Worth It 3:04
07 Stockholm Vs Paris 1:13
08 Fly Me To The Moon 3:32
09 51,3 4:29
10 Tired Of Being PC 5:11

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