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Corvus Corax / 2008-03-25


“The hits of Corvus Corax at the Kaltenberg Knights Tournament as remastered studio production”
A dream, a castle, an English band of knights – this was all the `equipment` Prince Luitpold of Bavaria commenced with 26 years ago. Today more than 100,000 visitors every year come to see the probably biggest knights tournament of modern times on the grounds of castle Kaltenberg and immerse themselves in the fascinating world of the Middle Ages!
Especially for those fans and friends of CORVUS CORAX`s music this CD has been compiled. The 13 most popular songs and dances have been chosen and elaborately remastered in the studio of Thommy Hein. These studio recordings are part of the substantial repertoire of the bands discography, consisting of more than 15 CDs.
Additionally “Hymnus Cantica” – the official hymn of the Kaltenberg Knights Tournament – and the track “Is Nomine Vacans”, exclusively taken from the soundtrack of the world’s most successful Fantasy Role Playing Game GOTHIC 3, can be found on this CD. As another bonus feature a 15 minutes video recording containing three titles of the impressive CORVUS CORAX concert in Mexico City on 2007-03-29 in the Teatro de la Cuidad during the Festival de Mexico can be enjoyed.
Taken from the personal foreword of the CD booklet, His Highness Luitpold Prince of Bavaria, initiator and host of the Kaltenberg Knights Tournament:
“Since their first performance in Kaltenberg in the year 1993 Corvus Corax are an integral part of the Kaltenberg Knights Tournament`s repertoire. Medieval music in its ultimate perfection – but interpreted contemporarily – is their formula.. Other bands tried to copy Corvus Corax many times: to no avail. I am frequently asked whether I am a fan of Corvus Corax? My answer: An unconditional “Yes”! And this is why I am already looking forward to “Kaltenberg anno MMVII”.
- Luitpold Prince of Bavaria -

Kaltenverg Anno Mmvii的曲目列表

1. Bibit Aleum
2. Tuska
3. Venus vina musica
4. Skudrinka („Matze“)
5. Nominalto
6. Ballade de mercy
7. Suam elle ires
8. Filii neidhardi
9. Cheiron
10. Titenka
11. In taberna
12. Platerspiel
13. Saltarello/Ductia/Trotto
14. "Hymnus Cantica"
The official Hymn of the Kaltenberg Knights Tournament
Bonus 2:
15. "Is nomine vacans"
Taken from the Soundtrack of the worldwide most successful fantasy roleplay GOTHIC 3
Bonus 3:
15 min. Video: Corvus Corax Live at Theatro de Ciudat Mexico City

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