All Shook Up

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Sophie Koh / 2008-08-19


Three years after the release of her critically-acclaimed debut album 'all the pretty boys', sophie koh's long awaited follow up arrives in the form of the stunningly opulent 'all shook up'. Sophie calls 'all shook up' "an album of first instincts". Produced with the expert help of j walker of machine translations fame, the album is beautiful simplicity mixed with musical experimentation - where exquisite melody meets sampled beats and subtly layered production. 'all shook up' is the perfect progression for sophie, and one that gives listeners further insight into the woman behind the music. The album comes almost three years after 'all the pretty boys' and what a three years its been. In between bouts of writer's block, a mixing console blowing up and international sojourns to visit her songwriting partner tim reid in the uk and italy, sophie has shared stages with everyone from the eels, paul kelly, pete murray, alex lloyd to the go betweens; appeared on rockwiz with jimmy little & recently with steve kilbey (the church) to air september 6; and contributed the track 'charlie' to the popular "she will have her way" finn brothers tribute album (tim finn's favorite). Sophie now lives in melbourne, but was born in new zealand. Her mum and dad are from malaysia, but she grew up in singapore and new zealand, and was 'unearthed' by triple j in darwin. It was said 'unearthing' that kicked off the series of strength-to-strength events that thrust sophie koh into australia's consciousness.

All Shook Up的曲目列表

01All Shook Up
02In My World
03He Found Out
04Objects In This Mirror
05Somebody Come To End This
06Milk Song
07Gan Lan Shu (Olive Tree)
08Is Your Love
11All The Night

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