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Lenka / 流行 / 2008-09-23


In Sydney, Australia, Lenka was a teen actress who trained with Cate Blanchett, thereafter landing leading roles on stage, television and indie films. A self-described 'punk-ass art school student' and vocalist/keyboardist for acclaimed indie Electronic/ambient outfit Decoder Ring. She has flung herself into two new worlds simultaneously: she's moved to California and become a solo artist. Whether channelling our long-repressed terrors ('Trouble') or long-lost innocence ('We Will Not Grow Old'), her music evokes primal emotions, unblemished by pretense or cynicism and unashamed of cracking a smile occasionally. Lenka's fresh sensibility extends to every element of her music, as the whimsical, paper art, stoimated videos she creates.'It's a mood-enhancer,' she says of her record, 'I don't like it when people are depressed. I want to cheer them up.'


01. The Show
02. Bring Me Down
03. Skipalong
04. Don't Let Me Fall
05. Anything I'm Not
06. Knock Knock
07. Dangerous And Sweet
08. Trouble Is A Friend
09. Live Like You're Dying
10. Like A Song
11. We Will Not Grow Old






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