New Sentimentality "Tour Edition"

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toe / 2008-7-29


* Limited to 1000 Individually Numbered copies. S.E. Asia edition for their first SE Asia tour.
* 2C silkscreen cover plus 4 postcard
* one bonus track " Velvet Blanc" that never release on CD before, plus two live video clips "New Sentimentality" and "Past and Language" that took from their recent show
- toe is a beautiful math rock group that plays tunes that are complex and gorgeous. Their drummer is excellent and the arrangements of the songs are very interesting. This is a great EP and just a very relaxing listen.
- 16 months after their first full-length album The Book About My Idle Plot on a Vague Anxiety, instrumental pop wizards "toe" return with their third EP, engineered by Mito from Clammbon, which expands on their trademark smooth, melodic, drum-propelled jams.
Regardless of whether or not toe continues this pleasant vocal experiment in the future, they have the chops and style to continue to carve their niche in the Japanese music scene, so long as they keep pushing their boundaries with each step onward. Based on the forward-moving impression created by the end of New Sentimentality, toe should remain in good hands for some time to come -

New Sentimentality "Tour Edition"的曲目列表

01 繋がる遥か彼方
02 1/21
03 New Sentimentality
04 グッドバイ/ Goodbye
05 Velvet Blanc (preview unreleased track on CD) [Tour Edition Bonus Track]
06 New Sentimentality - 09.Sep.2007 @ Daikanyama UNIT [Tour Edition Bonus Live Video Clip]
07 Past and Language - 05.May.2008 @ Hibiya Yaga-Ongakudo [Tour Edition Bonus Live Video Clip]

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