Legends Act 3 - Cults

9.1 111人评价

Za Frumi / 2008-07-04


This album redifines and reinvent the genre of dark ambient and fantasy music. An obvious candidate for album of the year.

Legends Act 3 - Cults的曲目列表

01. The Cult Of The Great Eye
02. The Cult Of Dragon Maw
03. The Cult Of Ysa Ih
04. The Cult Of The Question Of Heaven
05. The Cult Of Nudero
06. The Cult Of Mortalts
07. The Cult Of Helzichor
08. The Cult Of Azoot
09. The Cult Of Genohsa
10. The Cult Of Maelzeth
11. The Blood Cult of The Nosteratu

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