Car Alarm

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The Sea And Cake / 2008-10-21


Sea & Cake hit the music ignition switch with their 2008 album Car Alarm! The Sea And Cake are one of the most beloved Indie bands of the past decade, with album sales over 50K worldwide. Their eight full-length albums have the breezy, open, crisp sound the band has spent fifteen years crafting, but it also has a palpable edge. That's the edge of people who know each other well enough to push a bit harder, who aren't worried about ruffling feathers or trying something different, difficult, intuitive, trusting. This is the sound of a well-oiled band. A bracing record.

Car Alarm的曲目列表

1. Aerial
2. Fuller Moon, A
3. On A Letter
4. CMS Sequence
5. Car Alarm
6. Weekend
7. New Schools
8. Window Sills
9. Down In The City
10. Pages
11. Staircase, The
12. Mirrors

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