From the Mountain to the Sea

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Birdmonster / 2008-09-02


From The Mountain To The Sea is the second full-length release by San Francisco indie rockers Birdmonster . Spearheaded by Peter Arcuni, the new album stands to be the band's most compelling work to date. From The Mountain To The Sea showcases the band's development and growth as songwriters and also sees them joining forces with producer Tom Schick (Ryan Adams,Norah Jones, Rufus Wainwright). Album highlights include "Born To be Your Man and "Heart Of The Dead". Catch Birdmonster on tour this Fall with The Rumble Strips.

From the Mountain to the Sea的曲目列表

01My Love For You
02Lost At Sea
03New Country
04Born To Be Your Man
05Concrete Lights
06The Iditarod
07Greenland Sound
08The Only One
09Our Ashes
10Heart Of The Dead
12I Might Have Guessed

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