Right Time

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Maluco / 2008-09-16


This is the debut full-length release by Maluco, a collaborative project by international musicians Max Loderbauer, Pier Bucci and Argenis Brito. Maluco are sure to delight listeners with this summer-fresh release of atmospheric dub soundscapes with electronic pop appeal. Tracks like "Dreamer" carry you away to warm summer nights on the Mediterranean, and whether you are driven into instrumental intoxication ("Evandro") or seduced by Argenis' highly-accented yet excellent vocals ("Passport"), Maluco make you feel comfortable. Flowing rhythms and melodies unite various musical periods; "River" is a cover of the Brian Eno and John Cale song, good old-fashioned reggae is evident in "Sam" and there are country music influences hiding within "Doped." All in all, it's the softer sounds that take the foreground and stimulate your sensitive synapses. Argenis Brito was born in Venezuela and is the singer of Se¤or Coconut. He scored an international hit with Chilean-born Pier Bucci ("Hay Consuelo"), and together they formed the duo Mambotur. Max Loderbauer is one-half of Chica And The Folder with Paula Schopf, works with Tom Thiel as Sun Electric, and formed NSI with Tobias Freund. These three dignitaries of electronic music have composed an acoustic experience that is drenched in sunshine. Right Time makes your wanderlust grow and day-to-day worries disappear. Maluco -- soothing summer sounds in a rush of electronics.

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