Let Go

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Keri Noble / 爵士 / 2008-03-25


Keri Noble (born 1975) is an American singer-songwriter born in Fort Worth, Texas and raised in Detroit. Her father was a Baptist minister, and Noble sang in church as a child. She attended a local Assembly of God school for Junior High and high school in Michigan. She began playing her own music in the Detroit area. After meeting Billy McLaughlin, she moved to Minneapolis, and in 2003 she signed with major label EMI.

Let Go的曲目列表

01. Watch Me Walk
02. Say Goodbye
03. Ooh Oh
04. Red Wine Til Daylight
05. Imperfect
06. Born Again
07. Emily
08. Ghosts
09. Let Go
10. Baby Come Home
11. Go Proud
12. Honey
13. Simple Things
14. Slow Down Baby

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