Nightdrive With You

8.4 62人评价

Anoraak / 2008-09-10


limited mini album from french blog hype band. really rousing synth pop. this is a must for fans of junior boys, m83 and phoenix, and featuring touches of daft punks robot disco. this band are going to be huge this 8 track cd includes bonus remixes by adeyhawke and label mate college from the valerie artist collective and on hip new label esr (short for endless summer recordings).

Nightdrive With You的曲目列表

1. Nightdrive With You
2. Never Ending Romance Disaster
3. Endless Summer
4. Sunday Night Fever
5. Midnight Stars
6. Waiting For Your Phone Call
7. Teenage Color (Anoraak Remix)
8. Nightdrive With You (Adeyhawke Remix)

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