Dronevil Final

8.2 25人评价

Boris / 2006-11-08


Japanese limited edition issue of the album classic in a deluxe, miniaturized LP sleeve replica of the original vinyl album artwork. Two disc album from the Japanese heavy rock band, intended to be played simultaneously on two separate players/speakers. Includes four tracks originally released on vinyl plus two added tracks.

Dronevil Final的曲目列表

Disc Drone
1 ほどけていく (Loose) 21:34
2 めまいの椅子 (Giddiness Throne) 20:23
3 干渉 (Interference Demon) 19:43
Disc Evil
1 振りきれた風景 (Red) 21:31
2 ふりおろす (Evil Wave Form) 19:44
3 泣きたがるスピード (The Evilone Which Sobs) 21:44

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