Shedding the Past

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Shed / 电子 / 2008-09-01


This is the first full-length release for Berlin-based DJ/producer, Shed.The work at hand presents yet another stunning Ostgut Ton acquisition, revealing Shed's irresistible, intense techno sound. Shedding The Past is the culmination of years of continuous Soloaction research, Shed's very own imprint. The recordings fully unfold the total variety in his outstanding crafts of sound. Lineage can be drawn to the Saunderson Detroit sound, Aphex Twin rave and Manix hardcore, sounding like an archive document -- an archaeological history of electronic dance music. Shedding The Past captures the intensity and the purity of club and rave in the early days, without excess nostalgia. Rather, it creates new moments that leave the past behind. Full of energy and vigor, this is true techno music: concentrated and dense, but with a sheer easiness born from eastern Germany. This adeptness has captured the ears of Berghain and Hard Wax ears. As others of his social provenience, Shed took on the opportunities of the early '90s techno culture, which unfolded after the Wall went down, and developed an approach of "just do it." With this easiness in mind, Shedding The Past is just true techno music. The 2LP version includes an exclusive track, as well as two alternate versions specially crafted for vinyl.

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