Jesu/Battle of Mice

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Jesu / Battle of Mice / 2008-08-12


Limited 2008 split release from Jesu, masterminded by Justin Broadrick, (founding member of Godflesh and Napalm Death) and Battle of Mice (featuring Josh Graham of Red Sparowes/A Storm of Light and Julie Christmas from Made Out of Babies). Each band has two exclusive, lengthy tracks on this limited-edition release. Jesu showcases 'Clear Stream' and 'Falling From Grace,' two pieces towards the darker end of the spectrum he’s created under the Jesu moniker. Battle of Mice contribute the two most sinister songs they’ve recorded, 'The Bishop' and 'Yellow & Black. While both bands utilize traditional 'heavy music' instruments, they are also unified by keyboard usage, atmospherics, and other unique elements to vary it all.

Jesu/Battle of Mice的曲目列表

Clear Stream - Jesu, Broadrick, Justin


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