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Band'o / 2008-08-12


Band’o is an acoustic Finnish trio – two daughters and their father. This music is an interesting combination of American Finnish and Irish folk influences, dance tunes and immigrant songs, modern folk and new original singer-songwriter material sung both in Finnish and English.
Says Rob Weir, in Sing Out Vol. 51#2: ”For a place that's just three times as big as Ohio with half the population, the musical diversity of Finland never ceases to amaze. For those of you who have just recovered from the idea that there's an active tango song tradition in Finland, spin the latest collection from the Sillanpää family (Band'o) and you may never regain your balance.”
Lead singers Jemina and Selina Sillanpää are in their early twenties but have been studying music since they were 6 and 7 years old. Their harmonies inherit a lot from American old time duets and modern bluegrass and alternative folk but they still have their own unique distinctive personal style.
The Sillanpää sisters have performed in U.S. seven times between 1995-2008; first as 'The Sillanpää Family' and later as Band'o. Band'o is the name of their Finnish band including 2-3 other non-family members, currently Oskari Hannula on string bass and Janne Viksten on banjo and mandolin. The 1st Band'o album came out in 2003 and had more country music and cover songs than the two later albums.
The 2nd Band'o album AWAY came out in June 2006 and it was almost wholly loaded with new original Selina & Jemina songs.
The 2008 album 'Huu' is the first all-original song collection of Jemina and Selina Sillanpää and it has got great reviews all over.


01. Don't Settle For Less [3:01]
02. Father's Son [5:15]
03. Vihatttu [4:15]
04. Huu [3:13]
05. Ups And Downs [4:44]
06. Lee Lee Lee [2:34]
07. Kumpa Sinut Maa Nielisi [4:09]
08. Go And Fly [3:07]
09. Being A Person [3:12]
10. Lalu Merimiehelle [3:46]
11. So Long Ago [4:00]
12. Predictable [3:56]
13. Winter Song [3:41]





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