1960's Jazz Revolution Again...

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Jay Are (J Rawls / John Robinson) / 2008-08-08


TOPプロデューサー「JRAWLS」とラッパー「John Robinson」による新プロジェクト「JAY ARE」。
Jazzが一番盛り上がったあの60年代をJAZZY HIPHOPで再現!

1960's Jazz Revolution Again...的曲目列表

1 A Lesson From Trane
2 It's Jay Are
3 Know U Feat.Invizible Handz
4 Type Sounds
5 She's So Brilliant Feat.Rashad
6 The 1960 'S Jazz Revolution Again…
7 Music Is Forever
8 Relax Ur Mind Feat.Tiffany Paige
9 Shooting Smack Feat.K Banger
10 1 Of The Greatest
11 Jazz Unconditional
12 Love Me Good Feat.Dominique Larue
13 The Lee Morgan Story
14 We Make The Rules Feat.Rashad And Tiffany Paige
15 Whoizzy

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