Under the Snow

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Lunophobia / лунофобия / 2000


俄罗斯歌特-月光恐惧症/Lunophobia / лунофобия
98年3月乐队发行了第一张专辑《关于太阳的幻想》,是一张完全的歌特风格的专辑。99年发行了《雪下》并参加了俄罗斯歌特俱乐部--край,也就是在莫斯科举办万圣节歌特晚会的。现在他们在筹备剧场版专辑《最后的一间》,而且在准备拍摄录影带《在夜的边缘的月光恐惧症》。在russian gothic compilation这里我们可以听到他们的《雪下》同名超长篇。
在俄罗斯лунофобия(月光恐惧症)已经很出名了,因为大量的演出,俄罗斯的听众能够在最近的由俄罗斯歌特俱乐部(край)组织的万圣节晚会上听到他们的东西。然而他们并没有迎合听众,这不奇怪,俄罗斯歌特乐队出cd或卡带很不容易,他们没有雇员,对销量不关心,因此(这句不明白:поэтому остатется одно - самиздат)。《关于太阳的幻想》是他们的第一张专辑,最新的一张《雪下》使我们(又不明白了:в самиздатовском виде),起初这张专辑是以迷你碟的形式给我的,用作万圣节晚会的资料。这张盘有三首歌,《她》《雪下》和《这是梦》。参加音乐会的人都能听到它们,但在剧场版中,他们加入了更柔和更悦耳的东西,《她》《雪下》被认为是gothic pop(基于歌特音乐的),最后一首《这是梦》接近于dakewave,更阴郁,更前卫。russian gothic compilation筛选出了这首《雪下》。在它和《她》之间我们很难取舍,俄语抒情诗,让人难忘的旋律,完美的编曲使《雪下》更趋于流行。乐队的成员也同意用这首歌,并用它来命名专辑。总体上说,这是一张高水准的专辑,虽然现在还不知道哪能买到。
A band from St. Petersburg, formed in November 1997. In March 1998 the group recorded its first album "Dreams of the Sun" held in gothic post-punk style. In 1999 they recorded maxi-single "Under the Snow", played at Peterburg's clubs and also in Moscow at Halloween Party held by Russian Gothic Project. The band is currently polishing the concert album "The Last Home". They also prepared a video, called "Lunophobia at The Edge Of The Night".
LUNOPHOBIA "Under the Snow" - 1999
Gothic band LUNOPHOBIA from St.Petersburg is famous enough in the native city, due to regular live performances, while Moscow listeners had an opportunity to hear them at the latest Halloween party "Edge of the Night II", which was organized by Russian Gothic Project at "Krai" club. But the band doesn't favour us with its releases, because it is rather hard for Russian gothic bands to release their CDs or tapes - there are no labels, interested in such kind of production. The only way out is a self-release. This is the form in which the debut CD "Dreams of the Sun" was released. And new CD-R single "Under the Snow" also came to us in the form of self-release, and to be more precise at first it was the mini-disc, the band sent to us as a material for the "Edge of the Night: Russian Gothic Compilation". The single contains three tracks: "She", "Under the Snow" and "It's a Dream". Those who were present at "Krai" concert, could listen to all of them. But in contrast with the hard live versions studio variants sound much calmer and more melodic. To say more, two of them "She" and "Under the Snow" can be characterized as gothic pop (on the gothic-rock basis), the last track "It's a Dream" is closer to darkwave, more somber and vanguard. The track "Under the Snow" was selected for Russian Gothic Compilation. For a long time we couldn't decide which track to choose: "Under the Snow" or "She" - are absolute hits with interesting lyrics in Russian, easily memorable melodies and good performance. But we made our choice in favor of more pop-like "Under the Snow". The band itself probably decided to put stress on this composition too, giving the single its name. The material is qualitative and well-done, though it's not clear yet, where one will be able to get this record.

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2.Under the Snow
3.Wake Up!


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