Musique du Crepuscule

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Les Fragments Dela Nuit / 2008-07-30


From the label, Equilibrium Music: "Les Fragments De La Nuit is a blossoming band created in 2005 by Michel Villar (piano) and Ombeline Chardes (violin), score composers for film. In order to play their pieces on stage, they decided to set up a quintet made up of three violins, a cello and a piano. Their music, ranging from tragic to epic and atmospheric was greeted by audiences with unexpected enthusiasm. Some see in it the influence of repetitive music composers such as Philip Glass or Steve Reich, others the melancholic emotion found in the works of Arvo' Part or Canadians Godspeed You Black Emperor. Encouraged by such fervour, Fragments de la Nuit have played their music to a growing number of passionate spectators, keeping in mind their motto: "Our music is poetry in which words are notes, a memory in which images are dreams". 'Musique du Crepuscule' - a vision of night wrapped in mystery: a night haunted by spectral chants, under the spell of epic, poignant strings and sustained by hypnotic piano pulsations. Its nocturnal universe oozes with hybrid ink, enveloping hidden emotions tainted with melancholy and voluptuousness. A neo-classical or post-nocturnal piece, 'Musique du Crepuscule' has many different faces. It alternates between violin riffs, dark cello projections and the complaints of a lone piano, highlighted by enigmatic echoing voices."

Musique du Crepuscule的曲目列表

1. Eveil Des Fées
2. Assault
3. La Ronde Des Fées
4. Entre Ciel Et Fer
5. Devenons Demain I
6. Devenons Demain II
7. Solitude
8. Solarisation
9. La Chambre Des Fées
10. Soleils Noirs Pour Lune Blanche
11. La Mélodie De La Tête
12. Le Chateau Enchanté
13. Le Scarabée Bleu
14. Soleils Noirs Pour Lune Blanche - Tango
15. Les Eaux Dormantes
16. Alpha Du Centaure

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