priest lake circa '88

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slow dancing society / 2008-6


Drew Sullivan, aka Slow Dancing Society is a Washington based producer and musician. His first album, “The Sound of Lights When Dim” is a sumptuous unfolding ride towards a fading horizon. The album has all the qualities of an Eno ambient classic whilst forging it’s own musical and emotional path.
As with Brian Eno’s finest moments and David Sylvian’s ambient explorations, this work manages to dissolve its temporal markers and speak about moments removed from time. It talks to the delicious flaws of memory and feeling whilst never sullying itself with literality or simple documentation.

priest lake circa '88的曲目列表

1 Forever Young
2 Glimmer and Gleam
3 This Lilac Life
4 Sun Spots
5 The Red Summer Sun
6 Pastel Dusk
7 A Warm Glow
8 The Iridescence of Innocence

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