Demo I

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Burzum / 1991.5.17


Rehearsal session. All tracks are instrumental.
This demo was released in 1991, but the cover that is shown here (and the
official Burzum site) was released through Helvete (Euronymous' shop) sometime
after the debut album was released, meaning sometime between June the 6th 1992
(the day the church on the coverpicture was burned down - a photo from the same
series as the Aske-cover) and January 1993 (when Helvete closed for good). No
one seems to know if the 1991 pressing of the demo had cover at all, or if it
just had a handwritten inlay.

Demo I的曲目列表

1. Lost Wisdom 04:58
2. Spell Of Destruction 05:11
3. Channeling The Power Of Souls Into A New God 04:04
Total playing time 14:13


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