Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride

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Drowning the Light / 2007-4-16


Tape version released by Winterreich Records limited to 188 hand numbered
copies, the first 88 numbered in Azgorh's blood and have a different layout and
bonus tracks taken from the split with Sabnack.
CD version released on 12 August on Slava Satan Records.
LP version released by GoatowaRex limited to 150 (September 2007).
*Tape rerelease via Hammer of Damnation limited to 333 with bonus tracks from
"flames of sacrifice"(feb-march 2008).

Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride的曲目列表

1. The Cry of the Wolf 01:45
2. Of Celtic Blood and Satanic Pride 08:38
3. My Honour is True 03:37
4. Fight....Till the Lonesome End 04:40
5. Immortal Bloodline 03:51
6. To the End of Time Part II 04:46
7. Lucifer, who Lights my Path 04:35
8. Last Breath 04:12
Total playing time 36:04

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