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The Orchids / 1990


Some more Sarah Records releases were enjoyed over the weekend; undoubtedly a result of the brisk yet sunny fall weather that befell Chicago. My favorite time of the year when the weather is such with all the trees exploding with color, much like late 80s, early 90s scenesters, the Orchids, from the Sarah Records roster.
The first one comes from #42, the Penetration EP (which still stands as a favorite of all the Sarah covers). Our household quite likes the country vibe that this song manages to generate while at the same time still managing to sound like the Orchids.
However, we don’t quite like it as much as the second one, from the Unholy Soul LP that followed a couple of months later. The song doesn’t quite do a whole lot a’la Felt’s "Primitive Painters" but when the chorus kicks in, the arm hairs stand straight up.


01 Bemused Confused And Bedraggled
02 Pelican Blonde
03 Tropical Fishbowl
04 Hhow Does That Feel
05 Sigh





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