All the Right Reasons

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Nickelback / 2007-07-10


Nickelback is the music business success story of the year. All The Right Reasons was released in October 2005, and has scanned over 5 million copies in the US to date. The album spawned SIX #1 hit singles at various formats: "Photograph," "Animals," "Savin' Me," "Rock Star," "Far Away" and "If Everyone Cared." The four Top 40 #1 singles are the most Number Ones by any artist since the 1996 launch of the Nielsen BDS chart. All The Right Reasons, a #1 debut on the Billboard Top 200, also becomes the first album to produce three Hot A/C Number One hits. Each of the videos for the hits also went to Number One on Vh1's Video Countdown. After a year and a half, the album is still in the Top 25, with new single campaigns at both Rock Radio ("Side of a Bullet") and Top 40 ("Rock Star"). The Special Edition of All The Right Reasons features three bonus live tracks from their exciting world tour 2006, plus a DVD Tour Diary. The Tour Diary offers a first-time look at what it's like to be on tour with Nickelback. Go on the road with the band at the peak of their career and experience a personal look into backstage, soundcheck, down time, being interviewed by press and meeting and greeting fans. Plus, fans will get the band's perspective of the live show from the stage and from the crew's viewpoint.

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