Fragile Future

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Hawthorne Heights / 摇滚 / 2008-08-05


Platinum-selling rock band Hawthorne Heights proudly presents their new record; the most anticipated return of 2008. Building on the experiences of the last few years, Hawthorne Heights have created a record that has reinforced their desire to play music, perform live for fans and grow as individuals and artists. It is an energy that can only be described as cathartic and inspiring.

Fragile Future的曲目列表

01The Business Of Paper Stars
02Rescue Me
03Until The Judgement Day
04Somewhere In Between
05Sugar In The Engine
07For Become One
10Let Go Of Everything You Know
11Corps Of Corpses
12Come Back Home (Reprised)
Disc: 2
1. 1997 [DVD][*] -
2. Across Five Aprils [DVD][*]
3. Day to Remember [DVD][*] -
4. Aiden [DVD][*]
5. Bayside [DVD][*]
6. Farewell to Freeway [DVD][*]
7. Jamies Elsewhere [DVD][*]
8. Secret Lives of the Freemasons [DVD][*]
9. Silverstein [DVD][*]
10. Audition [DVD][*]
11. Scenic [DVD][*]
12. Thieves & Villains [DVD][*]

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