Diego's Diary

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Paul Wright / 2008-06-24


"As a frequent traveler to San Diego, I have, dare-I-say, fallen in love with the area. There's nothing more refreshing than the coloristic lifestyle that varies and defines the city and beaches. Paul Wright's music is no different. With his catchy hooks and renaissance-esque guitar style, you will soon find yourself singing along to his songs. More than that, these particular songs are tales depicted from a book that P. Wright is writing called "Diego's Diary". Hodad's has the best burgers, Paul Wright has the best music!" - hiphopchickin (itunes review)

Diego's Diary的曲目列表

1. 5th & Broadway
2. Pacific Beach (PB)
3. Ocean Beach
4. La Jolla
5. Chula Vista
6. Encinitas
7. Sunset Cliffs
8. Saratoga Springs
9. Torrey Pines High (Mind Games)
10. Carlsbad (Over My Head)
11. O.B. Pier
12. Little Italy (She Says)

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