The Rhumb Line

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Ra Ra Riot / 摇滚 / 2008-08-19


The Rhumb Line is the debut LP for the Syracuse-based indie rock band Ra Ra Riot. Recorded in late 2007 with Ryan Hadlock in Woodinville, WA, the band released their debut album on August 19, 2008, through Seattle-based indie label Barsuk Records. The album peaked at #109 on the Billboard 200. This album was ranked as the 38th best album of 2008 by Rolling Stone.
The track listing includes the Kate Bush cover "Suspended in Gaffa". Other songs, "Ghost Under Rocks", "Each Year", "Dying Is Fine", and "Can You Tell", previously appeared on the band's 2007 self-titled EP. Also, during a Lounge Act session (January 30, 2008), the band showcased "Too Too Too Fast", "Oh, La", and "Run My Mouth". Several of the songs contained in the album are literary references such as "Each Year" which appears to be written about Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird and "Dying Is Fine" using the poem by E.E. Cummings. "St. Peter's Day Festival" commemorates the loss of band mate John Pike, who went missing in June 2007 but was later found dead in Buzzard's Bay.

The Rhumb Line的曲目列表

1. Ghost Under Rocks 4:27
2. Each Year 3:17
3. St. Peter's Day Festival 3:35
4. Winter '05 2:56
5. Dying Is Fine 3:51
6. Can You Tell 2:42
7. Too Too Too Fast 3:46
8. Oh, La 4:41
9. Suspended In Gaffa 3:48
10. Run My Mouth 4:00

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