Days Come and Go

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Mockingbird, wish me luck / 2008-06-10


2008 debut album from this eight-piece Pop orchestra from Ängelholm, Sweden. Everything was done without any help and in the true DIY indie spirit - drums were recorded in their rehearsal room and almost everything else in their parents apartment. Despite their admittance that "nobody really knew which buttons to push", by the time Blow Up Records made contact in early Summer 2007, they had quite a collection of songs - both beautiful and unforgettable. They decided to put these together, along with some new tracks, to form their debut album. When the recording was complete in Autumn 2007, songwriters Daniel and Niklas flew to London for additional production and mixing at The Premises in Hackney with Nick Terry (Klaxons, SMD).

Days Come and Go的曲目列表

01you've got a friend to lean out
02let watch the sunrise
03the way that you paint it
04moves on the screen
05pictures (too big to fit in a sight)
06days come and go
07step in concrete
08new beginnings
09summer again

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