Only Through the Pain

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Trapt / 2008-08-05


On their third studio album platinum rockers Trapt have not only returned to form but shattered expectations of what a rock disc can be. With Only Through The Pain, the Northern California-reared, L.A. based band returned to Co-Producer Gggarth Richardson's Vancouver studio to rekindle the magic that helped propel its 2002 eponymous debut past two million in sales. The end result is a disc that's as heartfelt and ingenious as it is diverse and seamlessly rewarding. From the riff-roaring, high energy anthem 'Wasteland' to the deeply moving finale 'The Last Tear', the eleven-song follow up to Trapt's 2005's gold-certified Someone In Control again finds front man, guitarist and principal songwriter Chris Taylor Brown going deep.

Only Through the Pain的曲目列表

1. Wasteland
2. Who's Going Home with You Tonight
3. Contagious
4. Black Rose
5. Ready When You Are
6. Forget About the Rain
7. Cover Up
8. Only One in Color
9. Wherever She Goes
10. Curiosity Kills
11. The Last Tear

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