The Silver Cord

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The Classic Crime / 2008-07-22


The Classic Crime is a rock band from Seattle, Washington and they are signed to Tooth & Nail Records. The band consists of Matt MacDonald-vocals, Alan Clark-bass, Robert "Cheeze" Negrin - guitar, Paul "Skip" Erickson- drums, and Justin DuQue- guitar. What is the Classic Crime? History is filled with heroes that made the ultimate sacrifice and martyrs who died for their cause. Whether their actions were viewed as 'criminal' in their day was irrelevant. From those fighting against injustice to those who stood up for the folks who don't fit in, dying for one's beliefs or one's art is the Classic Crime. 'Music has a profound effect on the listener. It even has the power to lift spirits and change lives,' reasons Classic Crime singer Matt MacDonald. 'If we can see our music change a life for the better, than we've been paid in the kind of way we hope to be.'

The Silver Cord的曲目列表

1. End
2. Just a Man
3. Gravedigging
4. Way That You Are
5. 5805
6. Salt in the Snow
7. Abracadavers
8. R&R
9. God and Drugs
10. Medisin
11. Ascent
12. Sing
13. Everything
14. Closer Than We Think
15. Beginning (A Simple Seed)

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