Meet the Fockers

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Randy Newman / 2005-01-11


With songs and a small score by Randy Newman, as well as tracks by Canned Heat and Tim Hardin, Meet the Fockers is a short, often perfunctoryfeeling soundtrack. Indeed, the soundtrack to the movie's predecessor Meet the Parents which also featured songs and a score by Newman had one and a half times as many tracks on it. More disappointing is that what is here feels scattered and deflated. Newman's songs, "We're Gonna Get Married" and "Crazy 'Bout My Baby," are breezy and humorous enough, but aren't all that developed. His score fares better, but cartoony cues like "Baby and Me" and "Jack" still feel more serviceable than inspired. The film's theme, which mixes tiptoeing pizzicato strings with wacky brass and saccharine flutes, is, for better or worse, an accurate portrayal of Meet the Fockers' mix of broad humor and sentimentality. "Suspicious Mind" also works well, managing to sound tense, funny, and smart. Though the soundtrack includes only a handful of pop songs, Canned Heat's "Going Up the Country" and Tim Hardin's "If I Were a Carpenter" evoke the hippie roots of the Focker family. A pair of dubby tracks by HeadBone, "Wilderness (Dub)" and "Dancing," round out the album. Diehard Meet the Fockers fans might need this soundtrack, but it probably won't satisfy anyone else.
- Heather Phares, All Music Guide

Meet the Fockers的曲目列表

1.We're Gonna Get Married - Performed By Randy Newman (2:23)
2.Crazy 'Bout My Baby - Performed By Randy Newman (2:48)
3.Baby And Me (2:11)
4.Jack (2:56)
5.Meet The Fockers (4:21)
6.Suspicious Mind (3:19)
7.The Shot (2:12)
8.Here's My Plan / It's All Right Now (4:21)
9.Going Up The Country - Canned Heat (2:51)
10.If I Were A Carpenter - Tim Hardin (2:41)
11.Wilderness (Dub) - HeadBone (3:35)
12.Dancing - HeadBone (3:42)

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