So Strong

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Labi Siffre / Funk/Soul/R&B / 1988


This is one of those secret favorite albums, that possibly every music fan has in his collection. Labi Siffre's voice is incomparable - soft and rasping and yearning. On So Strong he lavishly threw the good songs into the auditory canals of his listeners, which made it by far the most successful album of his long career. And although it is an in some ways typical 80's production, it still sounds astonishingly fresh these days, not unalike Lionel Richie's multi-million seller Can't Slow Down from 1983.
"Listen to the Voices", "Nothing's Gonna Change", "I Will Always Love You", "And the Wind Blows", "(Something Inside) So Strong" and "When You're Lonely" are the highlights of this continuously sophisticated effort.
'Men and women of reason and compassion ... We need you more than ever' (Labi Siffre)

So Strong的曲目列表

Listen to the Voices 4:30
Nothin's Gonna Change 3:47
I Will Always Love You 5:25
All I Wanna Do 5:04
And the Wind Blows 4:51
So Strong 5:37
Lovers 3:38
Hard Road 3:52
I'm Alright 5:07
When You're Lonely 2:11

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