Love On The Inside

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Sugarland / 2008-07-29


Love on the Inside is the third album by the American country duo Sugarland. The deluxe fan edition will be released on July 22, 2008, and will include 17 tracks in special packaging with an expanded CD booklet and access to download exclusive music video and behind the scenes footage. The deluxe fan edition will also be released on vinyl record. Love on the Inside regular edition will consist of 12 songs and a regular CD booklet and hits stores a week later on July 29. "All I Want to Do", the album's lead-off single, debuted on the Hot Country Songs charts at #27 for the chart week of June 7, 2008.

Love On The Inside的曲目列表

1 All I Want to Do 3:36
2 It Happens 3:01
3 We Run 3:56
4 Joey 4:02
5 Love 4:30
6 Genevieve 3:18
7 Already Gone 4:36
8 Keep You 4:35
9 Take Me as I Am 4:02
10 What I'd Give 5:57
11 Steve Earle 3:36
12 Very Last Country Song 3:44
13 Fall into Me Bonus Track 4:46
14 Operation: Working Vacation Bonus Track 3:59
15 Wishing Bonus Track 4:11
16 Life in a Northern Town Bonus Track 4:14
17 Come on Get Higher Bonus Track 4:48

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