Secret Eyes

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Cloetta Paris / 2008-04-22


Cloetta Paris has finally released full length CD, Secret Eyes, after months of waiting and having only the songs uploaded on myspace to listen too.
And it’s great! This is your summer jam folks, Cloetta and partner Roger Gunnarson (aka Clive Reynholds?) will get tired of the comparisons, but it’s impossible not to mention Sally Shapiro and Johan Agebjorn in the same sentence.
But that’s probably because their all good friends who have written songs for each others albums. (Clive Reynolds or Roger Gunnarson, whatever name he goes by, wrote “Anorak Christmas”, Sally’s breakthrough. He has also contributed the new Sally single “He Keeps Me Alive” to her remix project, available on iTunes, with a killer Skatebård remix!)

Secret Eyes的曲目列表

1. Did We Collide?
2. Secret Eyes
3. Broken Heart Tango
4. Already Missing You
5. Breakdown
6. I Miss You, Someone
7. So Serious (ELO cover)
8. Beat Street
9. Young Girls In Town
10. Arabian Nights

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