Used & Abused

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Danger Radio / 2008-07-08


Seattle based Danger Radio's style comes from a diverse background, citing influences from Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and 80s pop music to Stevie Wonder funk, jazz, and even French symphonic compositions. Produced by Mike Green (Paramore) and Grammy nominated producer of the year 2008, Mike Elizondo (Eminem, 50 Cent). Touring this summer in support of Cute Is What We Aim For.

Used & Abused的曲目列表

1. So Far Gone
2. One More Chance
3. Kiss 'N' Tell
4. Broken Man
5. Another Lesson In Love
6. Alive For The First Time
7. Used and Abused
8. Things
9. Your Kind (Speak To Me)
10. Slow Dance With A Stranger
11. You All Believe
12. Think About It
13. Where I Started

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