Six White Russians & a Pink Pussycat

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Room Eleven / 2007-03-20


With an album title that refers to colourful cocktails with a bite, Room Eleven has certainly come up with the most cheerful album title of the year. One that makes you curious of their music, and it has to be said: the fifteen songs exceed all expectations. Six White Russians & A Pink Pussycat is a spicy cocktail of bossanova, folk, blues and pop, performed by a jazzy rhythm section, funky guitars, lovely trumpets, and the distinctive voice of singer Janne Schra. The light-hearted album title makes you forget that life can be tough. The album was released on the 2006 north Sea Jazz Festival Including new international single "Bitch"

Six White Russians & a Pink Pussycat的曲目列表

1. All Right
2. One Of These Days
3. Sad Song
4. Faith
5. Could That Be You?
6. Flavour
7. Pressing
8. It's Raining
9. You Meed Me See It
10. Greenest Grass
11. Come Closer
12. Somedays
13. Tried To Be
14. Listen
15. I Wanna Be Your
16. Bitch (Bonus Track)
Disk 2
1. Bitch
2. Grey
3. Come Closer
4. Sad Song
5. Greenest Grass
6. (A different) Bitch

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