7.5 26人评价

Jérôme Chassagnard / 2008-06-24


with (f)light j‚r"me chassagnard, a member of the french project ab ovo, presents his first solo work. he is accompanied by befriended artists like flaque and guillaume eluerd (nimp). what can we expect from an artist whose influences and preferences range from electronica and ambient to pop, ethnic music and drum'n'bass? whose preferred authors are a. de st. exupery, and andr‚ gide, e.a. poe and ray bradbury? whose favorite movie directors are stanley kubrick, david lynch and steven spielberg - just to name a few? what looks like an eclectic puzzle at first glance makes perfect sense after listening to this outstanding album... each track is carried by intense, emotional moods that take the listener from warm and soothing tranquillity to disturbing and yet unknown places with proficient subtlety. flowing ambient landscapes based upon varied rhythms include beautiful, sometimes slightly sad melodies - only a glimpse of the darkness behind the mirror of technology. all of this accented with sampled acoustic instruments and the appropriate use of voices and guitars - this album holds a perfect balance between beat and drift. a captivating piece of work - essential listening to all those who wish to enter an abstract parallel world - yet, not so abstract that they'll get lost.





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