Pseudo Harmonia

8.3 28人评价

Dublee / 2006-05-09


2nd Dublee full length on this label, following Echo Euphoria. Japan's Yusuke Sakurai aka Dublee returns. Pseudo Harmonia is perfect home-listening. Dublee has been remixed by Thomas Fehlmann (who's remix of 'Cliff' appears on this album). Similar to the electronic sounds of Monolake, Akufen and Jan Jelinek, it´s predominantly monochrome, which allows for a very smooth listening experience, functioning in a well programmed, ergonomic fashion.

Pseudo Harmonia的曲目列表

1. Backyard
2. Route
3. Scar
4. Touch (Sweetbutter Mix)
5. Flight 822
6. Tilt
7. Cliff
8. Bounce
9. Tie
10. A Half Decades
11. Cliff (Thomas Fehlmann Remix)

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