Universe in Reverse

7.3 79人评价

Infadels / 2008-06-24


Universe In Reverse is the second album by frenetic Dance-Rock band Infadels. Known for their energetic live shows and recordings, the band head in a slightly rockier direction with the help of producer Martin 'Youth' Glover (Killing Joke, Depeche Mode). Melodic, cinematic and urgent this record highlights the many depths and talents of a group realizing their potential. Features 10 tracks including the single 'Make Mistakes'. 2008.

Universe in Reverse的曲目列表

1 Circus of the Mad
2 Make Mistakes
3 Play Blind
4 Free Things for Poor People
5 Code 1
6 A Million Pieces
7 Universe in Reverse
8 Don't Look Behind You
9 Chemical Girlfriend
10 How to Disappear

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