Zo! / 2005

According to the legendary KRS-One, in hip-hop, the emcee or the DJ is considered as much a musical instrument as anything else. Unfortunately, that’s the sum length of instrumental knowledge of most hip-hop artists. However, when entering the production side of our glorious musical reservoir, actual musical knowledge does see a swift increase. In particular, is the producer/keyboardist Zo! who has just drop his new remix project titled Re:Definition. Zo! reworks an album’s worth of current soulful hip-hop and R&B joints from the likes of Slum Village, Jill Scott, The Roots, Little Brother, among others. Zo! does take it back to the golden age of hip-hop with a remix of Common’s “Resurrection”, which builds off the original while giving it a touch of Detroit soul. On the remix of De La Soul’s “Shoomp”, Zo! shows that he can take it beyond the mellow vibes to a much more deep synth-heavy sound. The nicest aspect of Re:Definition is the synergy of Zo!’s production with the song’s original vocals. He makes each song his own and sometimes better than the original. Zo! really shows the mass amount of talent that he has by pretty much playing all the instruments on the disc, which includes an awesome piano solo at the end of Little Brother’s “The Way You Do”.


1. Golden Remix
2. Whatever You Say Remix
3. Don’t Say Nuthin Remix
4. Resurrection Remix
5. Rocketship Remix
6. Sands of Time Remix
7. Brown Skin Remix
8. Say How I Feel Remix
9. Glitches Remix
10. Seein’ Is Believing Remix
11. Hold On Remix
12. Shoomp Remix
13. The Way You Do It Remix
14. Selfish Remix
15. It’s Been A Minute Remix




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