Shallow Nights Blurry Moon (Shinstrumental Version)

9.4 87人评价

Shin-Ski of Shinsight Trio / 2006

Shallow Nights Blurry Moon (Shinstrumental Version)的曲目列表

01 Intro
02 Early Dayz Amazement
03 Kick Snare Hi Hat
04 I Love Good Music
05 What's The World
06 Passin By
07 No Clouds On A Sunny Day
08 Work With Options Around Me
09 Let's Do A Jam (feat. Dagha)
10 Interlude
11 Lucky Dayz
12 Everything Steady Goin Downhill
13 Heart (feat. Edo G)
14 Positive Energy (bonus track)
15 Freedom Of Speech (bonus track)

Shallow Nights Blurry Moon (Shinstrumental Version)的短评(8)

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