Bad Vibrations

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My Education / 摇滚 / 2008-06-10


"The conversation between drums, piano, and viola [takes] on an immediate cinematic quality, as if excerpted from an Italian film score." -- Austin Chronicle

Described as "advanced ecstasy" by David Fricke in the pages of Rolling Stone, Austin instrumentalists My Education create sweeping, cinematic music evocative of the high-lonesome expanse of the Texas Hill Country landscape they call home. Formed in 1999 by members of Stars of the Lid, ST37, and Cinders, the band has since played over 300 shows all over the United States alongside like-minded artists Pelican, The Black Angels, Six Organs of Admittance, A Place to Bury Strangers, ISIS, and many others. The band has three full-length albums, several compilation appearances, and multiple singles to their credit, including a must-have 12" vinyl collaboration with avant hip-hop act Dälek released last year. Additionally, My Education have received the remix treatment by Kinski, Pelican, Red Sparowes, and the aforementioned Dälek, and even composed an original score to the F.W. Murnau 1927 silent film Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans, which premiered at the famed Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in March 2007. In short, the band has gotten around. Behind this slow-burning momentum, the band delivers their beautiful fourth full-length Bad Vibrations. Here, My Education's sonic flights are sharply honed into highly melodic mini-epics. Layers of guitar swell and sway over propulsive rhythms while viola spins yearning melodies ever skyward, sprinkled with delicate color by vibraphone and keyboards. Bookended by ambient passages pillowing heavy-lidded acoustic strumming, languid strings, and lap-steel, Bad Vibrations is the finest summation of My Education's highly textured and emotive music yet.

Bad Vibrations的曲目列表

1. This Old House
2. Arch
3. Britches Blanket
4. Mother May I
5. Aria
6. Sluts and Maniacs
7. Bad Vibrations

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