Connected Instrumentals

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Foreign Exchange / 2005-04-19


The story has been told numerous times and is refreshing each time it is told again. Phonte of Little Brother (North Carolina) met producer Nicolay online at Through countless messageboard correspondences and instant messages (never meeting in person), Phonte and Nicolay as The Foreign Exchange created the critically acclaimed album, Connected, a gorgeous and reflective blend of hip-hop, R&B, and electronic soul. After having a #1 CMJ hip-hop charting album, stellar reviews (XXL, The Source, Billboard, and many others), and MTV You Hear It First feature, and a video for the single "Sincere" on VH1 Soul, the Foreign Exchange give their fans one more treat. Now available on CD is the Connected Instrumentals. The CD includes instrumentals for the tracks "Sincere", "Raw Life", "All That You Are", "Nic’s Groove", "Come Around", and the bonus tracks featured on the full length CD.

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