Kung Fu Panda

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Hans Zimmer / 古典 / 2008-06-03


Composers Hans Zimmer and John Powell infuse the score for Dreamworks' 2008 animated comedy-adventure Kung Fu Panda with plenty of semi-traditional Asian motifs and instrumentation, resulting in an enjoyable -- if entirely predictable -- soundtrack that deals out clich閟 like candy on Halloween. The opening track introduces the "Hero" theme, a wistful flute-led melody that sounds nearly identical to Howard Shore's "Hobbit" theme from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. What follows is largely orchestral, with bursts of tribal percussion and the occasional dance number. The soundtrack closes with star Jack Black and Cee-Lo Green performing "Kung Fu Fighting," a song whose inclusion is apparently mandatory for every film, commercial, or skit ever made involving Asian culture.

Kung Fu Panda的曲目列表

01. Hero
02. Let the Tournament Begin
03. Dragon Warrior is Among Us
04. Tai Lung Escapes
05. Peach Tree of Wisdom
06. Accu-Flashback
07. Impersonating Shifu
08. Sacred Pool of Tears
09. Training Po
10. The Bridge
11. Shifu Faces Tai Long
12. The Dragon Scroll
13. Po Vs Tai Long
14. Dragon Warrior Rises
15. Panda Po
16. Oogway Ascends
17. Kung Fu Fighting (Feat. Cee-Lo Green and Jack Black)

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